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These four following test patterns helps you to check whether your editing software is acting correct according to aspects and whether CRT monitor is calibrated to the right size. The first two are made by hand in Photoshop and the last two are frame grabs from a broadcast pattern generator. Standard patterns susch as ramps; colourbars etc. can be found under supporting files in your installation directory.

On your left hand side you see the Sony DCR-PC110E. On the right hand side you see the Manfrotto Monopod, this model is a 682B, which means it has a optionable tripod at the bottom.

  4:3 Circle created in Photoshop 768x576.psd

  16:9 Circle created in Photoshop 768x432.psd

  4:3 Pattern Generator.psd

  16:9 Pattern Generator.psd

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