In this section you can download some of my video work. The material is in Divx or WMA-format.

As my camera gives me the opportunity to record in 16:9, I have included some graphics helping others to design additional graphics.

By clicking here you will find the included graphics.

Familietur 2010

Sønderjylland 2010 [08:19min – 118.0Mb]

Familietur 2009

Grenaa 2009 [09:34min – 141.0Mb]

Small bits 2008

Silas på mc [02:01min – 10.7Mb]

Roadtrip July 2005

The Crazy Danes on the loose in Scotland

Intro [01:34min – 7.66Mb] Day One [11:46min – 64Mb] Day Two [08:32min – 48Mb]
Day Three [05:25min – 30Mb] Day Four [04:52min – 27Mb] Day Five [09:21min – 52Mb]
Day Six [04:07min – 22Mb]

Roadtrip Jan/Feb 2005

Roadtrip in Scotland 2005

Intro [01:19min – 8Mb] Main [20:18min – 102Mb] Bonus [01:01min – 6Mb]

Family Trip to Thyborøn 2003

Thyborøn 2003

Thyborøn 2003 [21:29min – 123Mb]

Family Trip to Lundtofte 2002

Lundtofte 2002

Lundtofte 2002 [15:38min – 95Mb]

Thailand Trip 2002

An elephantride in Thailand

Elephant Ride [07:19min – 45Mb]

Diving in Koh Tao island

Asia Divers [12:33min – 78Mb]

Family Trip to Skagen 2001

Skagen 2001

Skagen 2001 [17:47min – 111Mb]

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